FMF Specialty Agri Products

Proven Feed Flavor & Sweetener Formulations

FMF offers a complete line of flavors for livestock and wild game feeds. Our proven formulations, complemented by exclusive partnerships with leading food flavor compounders, ensure a commitment to superior quality control and the production of consistent food-grade flavors of the highest quality. From proper quality assessment of incoming raw materials to consistent product manufacturing and timely customer service and follow-up, FMF has your operation covered every step of the way.

FMF's high-intensity sweeteners can be used to increase palatability and consumption in a wide variety of applications, including stockers, feeds, weaning rations, dairy calf grains, and many types of wild game feed. These products also generate improved water consumption across all species.

Innovative Bioactive Formulations

Bio-Impact is an innovative lineup of bioactive and bioequivalent compounds, such as garlic, capsicum, and other plant extracts, that bring together the best of science and nature.